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Best Watches For Men: The Ultimate 2019 Shopping

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Expensive brand names like Rolex receive the majority of the attention, and it can be a relatively intimidating world to dive into as not everyone has thousands of dollars to spend on a watch. Luckily for us though, you don’t have to break the bank in order to get a great watch. If you’re looking to add some more style to your outfit, or simply need a new functional wristwatch, the checklist below will guide you in shopping for the best watches for men.

Best Watches for Men Checklist

best watches for men

When browsing some of the best men’s watches under 500 dollars, you will be presented with quite a lot of different features and materials. As it’s unlikely that you will understand the importance of each one, we have compiled a short guide so that you can understand what qualities you should be looking out for, before you start reading our reviews. If you think this information won’t be helpful to you, feel free to skip past.


Crystal Material

The transparent cover over the face of the watch is called the watch crystal. These crystals are created using different materials, but there are only a few that are widely used in the market currently. Most watches that you will find will either be made of mineral glass or sapphire crystals. Mineral glass is the most common and is a lot cheaper than sapphire. It won’t shatter if struck with force, but they can crack. Sapphire crystal is a little weaker, but still, takes a lot of force in order to shatter. The benefit of sapphire crystal is that it’s incredibly scratch resistant and are generally more desired than glass crystal. In fact, it’s stated that only diamonds can scratch sapphire crystal glass!

Metal Construction

Although it may seem like an obvious thing to state that you should purchase a watch that is made out of solid metal, you would be amazed at how some companies will cut corners in order to produce a cheaper watch. High-quality steel watches should be made from 316L grade stainless steel, and the watch case and bracelet links should be solid pieces of metal. The better quality the watch is, the fewer pieces are used to create it.

Swiss or Japanese Movement

Although Switzerland is the most famous country for making high-quality timepiece movement, Japan also makes movement that’s almost on par. However, it’s important to note that not all movements are created the same. At the price range we’re looking at, it’s best to try and buy a watch that uses the movement closest to its creation destination. Therefore, if you buy a Japanese watch, check that it uses Japanese movement, as it will likely be a lot more accurate than a Japanese watch with Swiss movement. Again, this information is only applicable for watches in this price range.

Solid Construction

You want to purchase a watch that feels like it is solid and well made, and will not fall apart at the first knock. If it has rotating bezels, then you should try and make sure that they are not easily twisted, as that means that your watch will likely become inaccurate as you toss and turn during the night, if you were to wear your watch to bed. It’s worth noting that Swiss companies generally make better metal bracelets than other countries. So if you are dead set on having a metal bracelet, then be on the lookout for Swiss brands.

Choose a Watch Designed by Watchmakers

It’s important to remember that there are two types of people who design watches. The first are watchmakers, who are obviously the experts in the field. The second, are “fashion” watchmakers, who simply design mechanically bad watches which will only look good, and not function at an acceptable level. The best watches are those that are not only aesthetically pleasing to you but also have all the functions and robustness that you require. Having a watch that has a few chronographs, where the dials start to fall off after a month, is no use to anyone. Therefore when purchasing a watch, it’s imperative that you make sure you are buying one from a genuine watchmaker. All of the watches that we have reviewed are genuine and worth purchasing.


Watch weight is something that we cannot really give guidance on, and is your personal taste. Some people love the feel of a heavy watch, as it confirms and ensures the durability and technology that’s inside of it, whereas others prefer more subtle and lightweight watches that won’t interfere with everyday tasks. However, it’s important to note that weight really is not an indicator of quality, as the more expensive watches will often be made from titanium. Titanium is significantly lighter than steel. Although you will be able to get titanium watches under $500, they will not be of the same quality as if they were made from steel, due to low-grade titanium being used. That doesn’t mean that you should avoid titanium at this price range, as we have reviewed some titanium watches below, but it’s important to understand what your money is buying.

Signed Buckles

Good watchmakers are usually proud of their creations and will sign their watches with either their own graphic or logo. These can be found on either the back of the watch, on the Crown, or on the clasp or buckle. At this price range, you’ll usually find light laser engravings, whereas very expensive watches can have raised logos on the metal. Cheap watches usually have no such personalisation and is a good indication of low quality.

Dial illumination

Although not all watches are expected to have illumination properties that aid you in viewing them during low light, it’s important that you look for this quality if you plan on using your watch outside of daytime hours. Formal watches will generally not have any illumination, but casual and sports watches will most likely have some sort of light or illumination. Japanese watches are known to have the best hand and face illumination available, although that doesn’t mean that the Swiss variants are not worth considering. A good sign to show illumination quality is if it looks like it’s raised, which means that a lot of illuminants have been applied.

Best Watches For Men: Summary

You don’t have to break the bank to look smart and classic. You can still look your best on a budget. With the guide, finding the best mens watches should be easy and hassles-free.

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